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"Kurt Weber is an unbelievable craftsman.  The beautiful baseball bed he created for our son is one of a kind and beyond what we could have ever imagined!"


- Becky and Jesse Crain, Houston Astros reliever


"What really strikes me is the incredible attention to detail.  Every inch of a Kurt creation is significant and charming."


-Marney Gellner, Fox Sports North


"Kurt's creative design and immaculate detail make every piece so special and so personal. We are blown away by every piece he does!"


-Alisha and Glen Perkins, Minnesota Twins Closer


"The items Kurt made for us were beautiful, unique pieces that honored the history of our baseball club. He was great to work with and his products were hugely popular items in our Twins Community Fund fundraiser. Thanks Kurt!"



- Stephanie Johnson, Minnesota Twins


"Man, his work is freaking awesome! Just awesome! So well done. I so appreciate all the details. It just keeps unfolding as I look it over. Elizabeth and I are so grateful."


-Luke Spehar, Musician


Kurt is well known for his innovative and uniquely one of a kind woodworking.


My passion is to design and build one of a kind pieces from wood.


My pieces are intended to bring a very individualized and personal connection to each person or family. I love adding, what I call the 4th dimension (4D) to 3 dimensional (3D) pieces. That 4th dimension is, the emotional dimension, a direct and personal connection to the piece that goes above and beyond the exceptional beauty of the piece.


Every piece is hand crafted and built to order. My aim has been, and continues to be, to create the highest quality individually built furniture.

Toward that end, I use the very best wood available and highest quality craftsmanship.


I am a one-man shop and I build only a small number of pieces each year, that way I can construct each piece individually, taking as much time as I need to achieve perfection.


You will find no other woodworker who can combine, passion, quality, individuality, person connection, detail and craftsmanship into truly one of a kind pieces.


Enjoy and I look forward to working with you.

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